1. Tumblr Photography

blue coffee blue photography

2. Fairy Lights

autumn autumn aesthetic Superthumb

3. Mood Boards

Superthumb autumn pastel Superthumb

4. Patterns

background background Superthumb background

5. Cute Animals

animal animal Superthumb animal

6. Books

Superthumb Superthumb book aesthetic

7. Glitter

glitter aesthetic galaxy aesthetic

8. Sunsets and Sunrises

aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb beach

9. Nailart

Superthumb nail art Superthumb beauty

10. Stationery

moda pink Superthumb Superthumb

11. Polaroids

april Superthumb memories fireworks


fall background art Superthumb

13. Cheesy Movies

couple Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

14. Journals

art journal art Superthumb

15. Food

bread delicious cheese breakfast


And that concludes, some of the very random things that I love a lot.
I hope you enjoyed this post, kisses, and hugs to you if you read all of it! <3

P.S: If there's anything that you want me to write about, go ahead and leave a message and I will!

Bai! xxx