Adam Silvera how could you unleash such pain : It’s a beautiful disaster.
“They Both Die at the End” is an inspiring young adult contemporary novel about how to live from two boys who are going to die.
Mateo received the death cast call couple of minutes after midnight which he kept ignoring till he gave in and answered afterward he had a panic attack. Rufus was jumping his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend when he got the call and he seemed to be on I-accept-my-fate mood. Both of them are eighteen years old, which is an enough reason to say that it’s cruel to get their death call at this point in their lives. But who said life was fair.
Mateo has no one to technically spend his last day with. His dad is in a coma and his mother died giving birth to him. His only other person is his best friend, Lidia who is a single mother and has lost her husband to death. Mateo thought it would be difficult to let Lidia know so he decided to not tell her. Rufus was with his best friends, Malcom and Tagoe when he got the alert and then he called his ex-girlfriend, Aimee and told her the ugly truth. He also wanted to reach her before her boyfriend did to explain himself to her not only spend some last time with her. She came to his funeral which was at his foster house, Pluto, bringing her boyfriend with her who called the cops and cut Rufus’ funeral and had to run so he wouldn’t have to spend his last hours locked in a cell.
Mateo and Rufus reached each other over this app called “The Last Friend” app where it allows deckers –also known as people who got the alert- to have one last friend before they die.
This book is inspiring in every possible way. It taught me that time is a luxury that we should appreciate more and stop taking it for granted. I loved every character in this book which rarely happens. Mateo’s bravery and Rufus’ spontaneity were so realistic to me I laughed with them and loved their kindness and purity. I hated Peck with all my heart. I grieved with Lidia and the Plutos and cried a river when Mateo died then when Rufus did. Even I knew it was coming from the very beginning but it still caught me off guard and left me hurting. I wanted them to have a miracle I was happy for the few hours they got to truly live and enjoy each other’s company. I admired everything about the ending the concept of how the story wrapped up it was so authentic and convincing.
Adam is a great author he has it all in himself. He is completely capable of producing profound and enriching stories for young people and even adults. I can also feel the improvement in the details and writing style from “More Happy Than Not” to “History Is All You Left Me” till this one. I am so glad we bookworms have such an author out there.

(The cover photo is not mine)