There are a lot of things we learn in school, for example we can tell how far the sun is away from our earth, we can create a completely chemical reaction, we could tell how fast it goes when a stone falls to the earth. But for what?
We go more than twelve years to school. Learn day by day, to make our parents happy with a good grade.

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We want a good graduation, but what if you fail. What if you the type of person who can learn the whole night, but allthough fail the exam. Because I am probably that type of human.
But I can tell you, it is not the end of the world. Your parents will still be proud of you. They will still love you!
Do you really thing they wrote just A's at school. They didn't.

There are a lot of things you don't learn at school. For example, being happy, pay your bills, learn how to be yourself, get a good job,...

So trust me when I am saying school is not everything, yeah it is important, but it is totally okay to fail an exam, or two.
You are young, live you life!

xoxo Cynthia