I love music so much, and I bet you do too! It's honestly great for everything, rainy nights, road trips or just sitting by yourself. One thing that music really helps me with is anxiety. Almost 28 million people suffer from anxiety a year, it's something that a lot of people have. So, I want to share with you 10 songs that will make you relax and calm down.

1. Location by Khalid

2. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

3. She Lays Down by The 1975

4. Ride by Lana del Rey

5. Rock + Roll by Eden

6. Can't Do Anything by Jesse Rutherford

7. N.Y.E by Blackbear

8. Aphasia by Pinegrove

9. Mind by Calper

10. Impossible Year by Panic! At The Disco

I hope you find this helpful! I love all of these songs and they've helped me sooooo much, and I hope they help you too!