Hi guys!! <3

Today I'm going to show you 15 cute hairstyles I love and I'm sorry if my English isn't the best but I live in Switzerland. :)

1.) MESSY BUNS are simple and look soo cute.

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girl, summer, and beach image

2.) CURLY BUNS these are soooo f*cking cute but they only work with curls and my hair is just like spaghetti XD

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amazing, beautiful, and curly image

3.) CURLS but I mean the afro curls but as I said my hair is just like spaghetti: straight and no volume :D

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melanin image

4.) SPACE BUNS they are sooo cute and there are many ways and styles

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5.) I dont know how this hairstyle is called but on the top the hair is braided and down its curly you know :D

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6.) TWO BRAIDS I dont know but I think I'm stupid bcs I just cant do this hairstyles no matter how much tutorials I watch XD

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braids and dutch braids image
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7.) CORNROWS they just look amazing

beauty, braids, and cornrows image
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beauty, braids, and cornrows image

8.) BRAIDS sooo cute and gorgeous

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9.) PONYTAILS they are easy to do and you can try different styles

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10.) STRAIGHT HAIR my hairstyle :D

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gadji image

11.) WAVES cute and natural :)

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hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
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12.) TOP KNOTS also many different ways

curly hair, natural hair, and curly hairstyles image
hair, hairstyles, and top knot image


ariana grande, hair, and blonde image
ariana grande, ariana, and grande image
ariana grande and arianagrande image

14.) FRENCH BRAID I can do it on myself but not on others like b*tch what XD

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15.) and last but not least THE SIDE BRAID not that easy but cute

hair, braid, and blonde image
hair, braid, and hairstyle image
hair, hairstyle, and blonde image

THX for reading and I hope it wasnt boring an you liked.