I love the way that a good movie can make me feel. I wanted to share my favourite movies so that someone else will enjoy them like I do.

The main Character is Nadine, a 17 years old girl, who, after her father's death,goes through teenagers problems. Her mother doesn't listen to her, her best friend starts going out with her brother and Nadine feels so lonley.
I loved this movie because it describes youn adults problems very well and sometimes I feel like Nadine does.

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Hailee Steinfeld is perfect for this movie


Jack is a child that has never went out of the room where he lives with his mother, he thinks the room is the world, the little window on the room's ceiling is the sky and that the only living beings are himsef, his mother and Old Nick, the man tha feeds them.
But one day jack can escape from the room and start to live a normal life. He finds out her mother has been kidnapped by old Nick at the age of 17 and outside the room there is a new world.

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I cried so much watching this movie

The protagonist, Sam, is a teenager. She wakes up on cupid's day and goes to school, the day is totally normal, in the evening she goes to a party , at her friend's house, but as she and her friends they are driving back from the party, their car hits something and crashes, apparently killing Sam and her friends.
The next day Sam wakes up, on Cupid's Day again. Thinking the previous day was just a nightmare, Sam continues on with her day but finds that the same events occur.

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The true story about the painter Einar Wegener, the first transexual man that tried surgery to become a woman: Lili Elbe. This movie is amazing and I felt so connected to the characters.

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How far can the desire for money go? Would you risk your life just to make money?
Nerve is a new social network, to be a watcher you have to pay, and you can force the players to do what you want in change of money. To be a player you just have to follow the rules.

Are you a watcher or a player?
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