If you spent ur life to make everyone happy instead of making ur self happy you're wasting your time. Be kind and nice with people BUT don't you ever forget yourself, you have to make it a rule for yourself ' If i'm not doing it for me, Then i don't have to do it'!


1- have a day every now and then and talk to yourself.
In a paper or infront of a mirror or anyway..
tell her about what bothered you this time and what you don't like about you and how you're going to fix it
on this day! put a new goals for yourself in this week even if they were silly!
at the end of the week you'll feel proud that u at least end up this week with something. you'll love ur self more!

2- If you're not doing it for you then don't do it.
if u want to lose weight because of ur ex boyfriend or ur friend who makes fun of ur body then don't do it .
unless if you want to do it because you want to achieve your goals, unless you want to do it because you want to get smaller and fitter than now not for someone.

3- always be kind and nice to people BUT put urself first.
it's so nice to be kind to people but if it comes to myself .. then i'm quitting nothing is more important than you, so if she\he bothers you or ruined your day just quietly quit for you! because you don't want to be with someone who makes you sad.

4- Be with positive people.
nothing is more beautiful than positive people. if you set with them you'll love yourself more and they'll inspire you on everything. you won't feel disappointed with this kind of people so whatever happened "don't be with negative people".

believe me no one stays for you, no one loves you like you love yourself so please make yourself a priority and don't make anybody bother you. life is short and it's worthy to live and love every moment with good people that respect us!