I'm so scared right now.
This is how you feel in this moment?
I understand you.
The thing is we all are afraid sometimes, especially if we are doing one of the scariest things ever, changing, loving, improving...
Nothing can scare us more than doing something that pulls us apart of our comfort zone. And let me tell you, loving yourself and trying to be a more confident person can be so intimidating.

And the mean reason for this is that we were "manipulated" to be in that way. I mean, we learn how to love people, we learn how to pass a test, we learn how to smile, but no one teaches you how to love yourself...
I wanted to write this because we usually see articles or videos about how important is learning how to be more confident and how to love us, they say it's gonna be difficult, but they never write about those moments when actually is getting difficult.

So, I'm here to write about those scared moments when everything looks so bad, when everything looks so intimidating.
I am here to tell you, you are not alone, everyone has been afraid sometimes, and is completely ok.
Just stay strong
I know you will be the most beautiful person in the world...
Just breathe, and don't be afraid...

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