Halloween is so near. And I’m so excited to see all the people with nice costumes and make-up. I love to be very creative with that stuff. So I have a few ideas for you all. <3 Love you all so much!!


okay there not that scary but hey...Maybe you are scary enough for this look... whaha... sorry

Halloween, makeup, and clown image


I think everyone knows him.. so I don’t need to tell something about this look….

Halloween, it, and makeup image
i dont like this one... It's just creepy sorry

taurus... i think

yess it's a zodiac.. But this girl slays this look so much. It's just sooo fucking nice.

makeup, taurus, and Halloween image


The joker is such an amazing character for Halloween. A lot better then Harley Quinn :/

Halloween, joker, and costume image clothes, color, and joker image


just because these look is amazing af
i dont even know if this is a pirate.

Halloween, girl, and makeup image costume, pirate, and sexy image

skull or something like that

There are so much variants of this look. You have so much choices and possibilities with this look.
You can do a neon version like the tutorial from James Charles. <3

Halloween, makeup, and pretty image
- thank you all for reading this
Hope you all liked this <3
Tips are always welcome
And Happy Early Halloween