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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you're probably already wondering what to wear to impress your relatives. Well don't freat! I got some inspiration recently and am going to share 6 outfits you can put your own spin on for Thanksgiving.

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One trend that I've always wanted to try was corduroy pants. With a simple stripped button up shirt they look sophisticated and perfect to impress people with your fashion choice.

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I don't think anything impresses people as much as great layering. You can't help but think how that person managed to get the blouse under the sweater to look just right. Try experimenting with layers to get the perfect comfy but work appropriate look to impress your family.

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Going classic is also a strong idea when looking to impress. Nothing says I have my life together than a beautiful striped shirt, your best jeans, and cute black booties. People will think you put more hours into your outfit than you actually did.

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No matter what button up shirt you have, throwing a nice big cardigan over top will elevate your outfit. Keep your bottoms and top tighter to your body and the cardigan will make your outfit super chic!

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Show people you're fashion forward by opting for cropped jeans! I love a well-cropped jean (especially if it's frayed) so pairing it with a classic knit sweater will definitely elevate your outfit to an impressive level.

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Last but certaintly not least, let's talk about accessories. All of these outfits above are great on their own but you can take them to wow level by simply adding accessories. Fake glasses, fedora hat, bracelets, a statement necklace, whatever it is, be sure to show your personality by putting on your favourite accessory.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little article and got some great ideas for Thanksgiving or your next family party.

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