This article is a list of the majority of the countries that I'd like to visit sometime later in my life. I want to see as much of the world as I can so that I can appreciate it better, because we live in a wonderful universe. Travel as much as you can, surround yourself with people from different cultures. Discover the world, life is too short to wait.

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italy, photography, and Pisa image venice, italy, and travel image travel, photography, and sea image rome, italy, and travel image
The history in this country is so heavy its intriguing.


blue, travel, and pool image nature, travel, and water image africa, morocco, and amitrips image amazing, morocco, and cave image
The whole country is enchanted and overflowing with art and diversity.


paris, city, and night image travel, paris, and city image france and jura image paris, louvre, and travel image
I mean really who wouldn't wanna set foot in France?


pink, travel, and Greece image flowers, Greece, and summer image beach, crete, and paradise image Athens, Greece, and greek image
I love all the myths and legends that came alive on the lands of this magnificent country.


japan, sakura, and city image korea, japan, and city image japan, nature, and tree image beautiful, black, and japan image
They have cherry blossom trees I mean if that isn't enough reason idk what is.

New Zealand

travel, nature, and mountains image book, the hobbit, and hobbit image cave, light, and new zealand image mountains, water, and nature image
This country is perfect for a decent summer vacay. (also Hobbiton YAS)


architecture, buildings, and copenhagen image city, building, and architecture image red image photography, vintage, and beautiful image
The whole country is a work of art.


architecture, beautiful, and india image boats, colorful, and ganges image india, color, and festival image tree, nature, and art image
India is the cradle of human race.


beautiful, art, and travel image paradise, ocean, and cliff image andalucia, spain, and architecture image espana, madrid, and spain image
The architecture is very beautiful you can feel the weight of time.


light and sea image nature, forest, and adventure image house, tree, and light image elephant, animal, and nature image
The natural beauty of this country is immeasurable. I can already taste the ocean and feel the fresh air.

UK & Ireland

london, Big Ben, and pink image city, scotland, and edinburgh image city, travel, and architecture image train, scotland, and harry potter image
Can't skip this on your travel bucketlist. The cities are a must see.


netherlands, beautiful, and city image Image by Valentina Correa amsterdam, light, and city image amsterdam, city, and travel image
The fault in our stars lead me here. Also I'm a sucker for beautiful cities and art of Gogh.


australia, blog, and blogger image travel, stockholm, and beautiful image mountains, sky, and stars image mountains, nature, and lake image
The luxury and the nature and the freezing weather is a yes from me.


travel, russia, and moscow image gold, white, and architecture image snow, winter, and christmas image art, city, and painting image
Really beautiful sights to see. (as far as I can tell from the internet.)


china, travel, and asia image light, water, and lantern image theme, archive, and rp theme image japan, asian, and landscape image


beach, sunset, and summer image egypt and travel image camel, jordan, and petra image egypt, luxor, and travel image
I love the legends and stories of ancient egypt.


nature, water, and paradise image bridge, nature, and green image bohemian, cozy, and interior image mexico and pyramid image
I can't describe how badly I want to go there. I want to eat real Mexican food and see the Mayan ruins and EVERYTHIING.