Did it Ever happened to you, to Not know where you Belong to or for what were you meant to be ? To me it happened always and its still happening. I was living with my parents in Albania until 20, then I decided to go to Spain as an au pair because I wanted to make something different and also to find myself and maybe Spain would be the place where I would stay forever. I stayed 3 months there and then I missed my family and decided to go back to my place. i started doing what I was doing at the university but there was still something inside me telling me to move on and that what I was doing it was not typical of me. I am a person who loves adventures and new things and what I was doing was a little bit boring for me and not what I actually wanted to do. I decided to go for 1 year as au pair in Germany. I went there and changed my first family because it was not good. I went to another family in Munich and there I had a lot of fun, Im still having, the family is good. but I still have a problem: I want to be famous, I want to discover my talent, I want to become something, I want to make my dreams come true, I want to learn to play the piano and I dont have enough money to do it, I want to write but it looks like sometimes its so difficult to have the inspiration. now it feels like I dont want to stay here anymore, I want to try something new and thats difficult and also not right because I have to finish my au pair year. I feel that Im a mess and I thought to express what I feel in this article. i want to do so much things but I cant do anything. and that makes me unmotivated !
thanks for reading it !