1. I like winter better then summer.
2. I have a cat and she is 17 years old.
3. I had problems with depression in 6th grade.
4. My favorite food are ribs.
5. I would rather be frozen then burned to death.
6. I can count more than 20 anti -bullying songs.
7. I listen to everything but techno.
8. I have been wearing glasses since I was three.
9. I hate wearing flip-flops.
10. This is my 13 pair of glasses I have ever had.
11. I believe that a bracelet on left hand is bringing luck.
12. I believe in horoscopes.
13. When I grow up I wanna win an OSCAR.
14. I had a pigeon as a pet.
15. I believe in Greek gods
16. I am scared of having a male best friend.
17. I do not like being close with many people.
18. I like books better than movies.
19. As a kid I believed I was one of the winx fairies.
20. I never had a Barbie doll in my life.
21. My nephew is three years older than me.
22. I sleep with all of my stuffed animals so one would not get offended.
23. I like eating lemons.
24. My favorite books are: Guys that I loved, Warriors cats and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
25. I hate tomato, pickles, cucumbers, and smashed potato.
26. My favorite songs right now are: Carrilon (Testo), Used to be (AJ Mitchell), Battle scars (Christina Grimmie version), Baby dont cut (Bmike) and Ugly heart (G.R.L.).
27. When I like someone I have a happy and a sad song for them.
28. I also write a song about them.
29. I write stories.
30. My favorite TV shows are Dance moms and Vampire Diaries.
31. My favorite play is Romeo and Juliet.
32. I tend to stalk people when I want to find out something.
33. I speak italian.
34. I love riding.
35. I am allergic to: cats, horses, olive flower, rabbits, ambrosia.
36. I dont like spicy foods.
37. I am against abortion.
38. I love EOS.
39.I cant wear addidas and nike together.
40. I hate skirts but I love dresses.
41. I dont like the cartoon: Search for Nemo.
42. I have never seen Titanic.
43. I wanna live by the sea.
44. I dont know how to wing the eyeliner.
45. I used to not like catrice.
46. I cant live without headphones.
47. I remember how people smell.
48. By the fifth grade I did not know how to fold my fingers.
49. I want to visit Ireland.
50. My element is WATER.
51. I know how to skate board.
52. When I was little my parents owned a boat.
53. When I was three kids from kinder garden called me Harry Potter cause of my glasses.
54. When I was little I looked like a boy.
55. I have watched all of Harry Potter movies but havent read not even one book.
56. I dont like most of the people from my class.
57.I do not have a diary but I do write a dream book.
58. Above my bed I have a dream catcher.
59. I watch disney.
60. I am scared of hights.
61. I love working with children.
62. I listen to Novi fosili.
63. When I am bored I listen to songs for children.
64. I love cherries.
65. I speak Slovenian.
66. I have suportive posters pined up on my wall.
67. I am scared of crocodiles.
68. I wanna see a cheetah in person.
69. I sometimes act like a spoiled brat.
70. I am good to you until you do me wrong. After that I am not taking you back unless you are really special to me.
71. I hate when people talk crap about me without knowing me.
72. I smoke sometimes.
73. I love quotes.
74. My confidence is weak.
75. I wanna play a violin.
76. I learned how to make a lasagna.
77. I cant tell a difference between being hungry or bored.
78. I wen to a naked swimming with my friends 2 years ago.
79. I love the smell of lavander in my room.
80. I am messy.
81. I love ice skating and roller skating.
82. I had my first kiss when I was 14, summer 2015.
83. I dont like when guys have a beard or mustache.
84. I only have my one grand parents.
85. Sometimes I watch operas.
86. I wanna be a contortionist.
87. I am obssesed with ballet.
88. I never had lices.
89. When I am sad I listen to waves.
90. I have to travel to New York Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
91. I have to try starbucks.
92. I wanna travel the world.
93. I love the smell of rain
94. I learned my tumbling tricks by myself.
95. I love wearing buns.
96. I used to go hiking every weekend.
97. I prefer village more than a city.
98. I love sleeping on boats.
99. I love the smell of roses.
100. I love yoga.