Hi fellow hearters!

Halloween is almost here and I'm pretty excited (while I still don't know what to do on Halloween itself.)

Some people are real Halloween people who just love Halloween and rock their costume and some people never really felt what or how Halloween is like when you are a real hallohollic (Does that word even exsist???)

So for those of you who want to slay Halloween this year but don't know how, here are some basic needs:


here are some examlpes:

costume, Halloween, and ideas image Halloween, halloween costume, and pink image cool, costume, and girls image blood image
Some costumes ask a lot of effort but some of them are easy to make. I really love the unicorn one, it's not a real fully dressed costume but it's still perfect. It's actually all about the makeup.


Speaking of make-up, look at this!

Halloween, it, and makeup image Halloween, makeup, and pretty image Halloween, girl, and makeup image makeup, Halloween, and beauty image
This looks stunning! You can also rock Halloween with the perfect make-up and a normal fully black outfit.


Food is important and there's nothing better than a pumpkin spiced cookie...

Halloween image Image by annika carilyn cupcake, pumpkin, and Halloween image Halloween, food, and autumn image
Orange is THE Halloween color. Donuts with orange sprinkles are for example already bomb if you're not the kinda person who likes to bake something.


autumn, fall, and coffee image food, healthy, and pumpkin image
Halloween is everything that's pumpkin spiced. What I usually do is making pumpkin soup and meatballs with spaghetti in it. It will look like there are spiders in your soup :p.


aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image scream, funny, and chillin image Chucky, creepy, and dark image
Halloween is meant to be scary so it's that time of the year we all watch scary movies. I'm peronally not a huge fan of scary movies, so I prefer a Tim Burton movie instead.


Decorating your front door for Halloween is a must! I used to do this with my dad.

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image Halloween, jack-o-lantern, and pumpkin image pumpkin, Halloween, and fall image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image
I once craved the face of the chesire cat from Alice In Wonderland.

This was the Halloween Beginner Guide. I hope you enjoyed it and got some Halloweeny inspiration!
Stay tuned for more articles and I already wish you a spooky Halloween loves!

xx m.yrt.h.e