I'm always looking for new music to listen to in different scenarios, and studying is one of them. If listening to music while studying doesn't work for you, this is still beautiful songs to listen to on a daily basis. Hope you like them. This is my top 10.

1. The 1975 - Woman
2. Amber Run - I Found
3. Ásgeir - On That Day
4. RY X - Berlin
5. Haux - The War
6. Hozier - Like Real People Do
7. High Highs - Bridge
8. Novo Amor - Callow
9. Elsa & Emilie - Run
10. Oh Wonder - Baby Gold

If you're looking for more songs to listen to while studying, this is my spotifylist: https://open.spotify.com/user/lineve/playlist/1DKST9tdqG63OKRdoKmJ2v