Hi lovely hearters.

Most of the time I write articles full of tips and advice, but today I wanted to write something personal, something about me.

Disney has a huge impact on my life and on how I see sertain things.
Some people has the same feelings as I do for Disney and I want to share my thoughts and passion for it with you guys.

I Always loved Disney and I watched Disney movies as long as I can remember!
And guess what, my dream as a child was to be a Disney princess (it still is tbh.)

disney, quotes, and growing up image

I'm 17 now and I'm not ashamed at all that I still love all things Disney!
Disney is for all ages and I love to watch the movies, go to Disney parcs,....
If I could choose, I would wear my minnie ears all day, every day.

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Disney changed my life! It sounds drastic and a little bit too much but it actually did.

I can't imagine a life without singing Disney songs all day long.
I listen to them when I'm sad or stressed out and they really help me forgetting sertain things.

Disney also reminds me to do the good and to banisch the bad things in life.
It helps me making the right choices and to stay true to myself. That's why I love Disney so much. Without it my life would be a bit of a mess. (An extreme mess).

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I love singing and acting and I'd love to work at Disney as a character or even just a cast member but the nearest Disney Parc is Disneyland Paris (where they speak French/englisch).
My englisch is pretty good but my French is a whole different story...

Disney is a lifestyle and I love it so much and I hope you also have something that helps youas much as Disney helps me <3.

xx m.yrt.h.e