We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don't believe in miracles?

A few months ago or even a year ago I thought all the time. I thought about everything. That's also when I wanted to know the purpose in life and I thought about that a lot. One thing that really interested me was, who says this is real life? What is it that proves our dreams aren't real? Everything just seems so unreal to me. Everything can't be proven with science. What tells us that science is the right answer?

When I thought about all these things I started to become more aware of how magical our world really is. I used to not believe in God. I lived by the things I was thought. Something made me change my mind. I started praying. My life changed after that. I wanted to believe because as the quote above states, thats how I used to think a lot. To me everything became unreal, my mind really opened up. The universe is so unreal. If you really think about it, we are so used to all the things we know that they're not foreign or unbelievable. We wouldn't think that an alien could land on earth because that has never happened before, only in movies, right? I don't know if my point is coming across as I want it to but my point is that just because we don't see it or can touch it doesn't mean it's not real. Air and feelings, we can't touch them or see them but we still know they're there and that's how I started to believe in God. I was so shocked when my prayers were answered. Miracles do happen. Our world is so breathtaking and shocking so the chance of there being a God didn't become impossible to me rather normal considering how unreal all of this is.

This became kind of a rant and I hope someone read all the way through. If you have a different opinion about this or just want to talk to someone about these kind of stuff you can always message me.