Hello again lovelies!

This time on this article, I will say a couple of things: HOW TO SURVIVE SCHOOL AND STAY POSITIVE

School is a stressful time and place, especially for those emotional/shy people. How good would be if we had just 6 months of school in one year? Or if we has only to learn at home and no homeworks, no exams? Ah... what a dream. Everyone wants to be something big in the future, that's what school for. But all the time there are bullies, things that are not important to learn or not so great teachers. We don't feel comfortable, we don't have real friends. Let's say that we're are going "hell".

But we can survive! You can do it! Yes you! The one who's holding the phone right now and reading this.

If you have the chance and if you may feel better follow these steps, just to happy and to be you


1) Waking up
The most horrible thing. Ugh, you want to stay all day and dream of your favorite celebrities? Me too, but you have to go to school and start your day.
What to do: After waking up, fix your bed, open the window, let the light come in your bedroom, let's say that fixing your bed will let your body movie or 'exercise'.

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After that, go to the bathroom and clean up. Brush your teeth and clean your face, you will better if you let the water for just a minute than clean it with towel. Later, after finishing the 'business' of taking care of yourself, dress up.
Wear whatever you like. If you feel lazy, just wear leggings or skinny comfortable jeans and a hoddie. While dressing up, listen to music. Songs that make you sing out loud and dance. Happy songs.

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2) Going to school
It's the time... While you are in the bus listen to music again, if you have something to learn, read a little. Now the most important thing... I always panic and have anxiety beofre going to school, while I'm on the bus and it's terrible. But you what? Don't think about it. You'll say: How in the hell I'm not supposed to think about it? I know, I know but take it say, you're alone. Think that soon it will be over, that you're going home to watch your favorite movie or to read your favorite book even though you may not have time. Think that it's stupid to worry about stupid things and people who are not worth it.
Think: Everything will be fine

While you're there, stay happy and focus. Learn new things, talk only to those people who deserve your friendship, don't help anyone who doesn't deserve your help. Don't stress, learn and listen to the teachers so the homeworks can be easier.

3) Going back home
Okay now, this is important. Coming home from school, is the happiest thing in the world, but you're so tired and all you want to do is sleep.
The very first thing that you have to is:
Prepare the books for the next day, you have a different program for tomorrow right? Let the books on your table to do the homeworks later.
Change your clothes, throw the old ones in the washing machine and wear some yoga pants, or exercise clothes.
Then eat your lunch, if your mom hasn't cooked yet, that eat a small snack.

After eating: Exercise.
It's really important guys. Not to get slimmer, but to keep your body in shape. Also if you're stressed, they'll calm you, sure, you'll get all sweaty and tired but it's worth it, believe me. Exercise for at least 30-40 minutes.
the if you want take a small nap, after cleaning up, wear your pajamas to feel more comfortable.
If you don't take a nap, than it's time for your homeworks. I'm sorry but there's no escape for this. Do it early so you can be free later!
Be organised:
All your pencils, notebooks, books. Fix them, DIY them, it's nice to see organised things guys.


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While doing the homeworks listen to music and focus on them, do not let anything disturb you, don't check your social medias, do eat anything after, just do your homework.
You finished and learned everything? Great!
Time to treat yourself!

4) Treating yourself.
If you had much to learn leave something for later or in the morning.
Now, fix all your books and things and eat, snacks or dinner. You know what? Why not both?! You're tired and you need energy, but don't anything that it's to much for you. After that, read a book or watch a movie.

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5) Sleeping
Sleep is very important, especially for teenagers. Sleep early guys, you're tired and you need to wake up early. Wash your teeth and your face again and sleep. You're ready for the next day!

BUT REMEMBER: Think Positive! You're perfect, but be different, cause everyone's the same.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next article! xx