These days I've been ill because I caught a cold last week and I'm finally getting rid of it (thanks, aerosol!). I still have a sore throat and I suck at singing at the moment, but my voice is still better than two or three days ago - I could barely speak!
Despite my weakness, I went both to university and to the nursery school. As to my job, I recognize it's not as easy as I thought it would be and I'm not the perfect English teacher yet, but I love those children so much that I even dream about them. They're so cute and spontaneous that they make me forget their flaws - they're more competitive than an Olympic athlete!
Yesterday we were playing conga but they didn't respect the rules, so I pretendend to be angry and made everyone sit down. Just then my employer opened the door, telling me the lesson had finished and I could go. The children started crying and apologizing to me because they believed I was never coming back. When I told them we were seeing in a week, they sulked and asked me: "Why not this afternoon?", "Why not tomorrow?". I love them!
There is just a little problem: the glottology course is about to start and lessons will probably be on Fridays, that is the day I have to work. I hope my employer will allow me to reschedule.
Speaking of university, the lessons of Latin literature are not as interesting as I hoped, but I tolerate them for the time being. I prefer indipendent study, it's far more fruitful. In fact, I'm 50% done with my first book, which is 1180 pages long. And I've only started two weeks ago!
In all of this, my social life is dead. No one calls me, even my "best friends". But, do you want to know something? "Better alone than in bad company", as my mother would say. I don't need someone who wants me only when he has no one else to hang out with.