As a girl, women, and a mother, I have always been blamed by many for being too much revolutionary. Yet again I am doing it without being shameful about it. Feeling proud of her husband and her kids is considered the best thing a woman can do.

Women are always denied their identity. Wondering what I am saying? But why women should fee low about taking pride in her husband and her children's achievements. Taking pride is definitely not similar to becoming one with the identity of the other one. That is where something stirs inside me.

My younger son's school is quite a wonderful place. Parents are often wished on Birthdays and Anniversaries. It was my anniversary day. I received a lots of messages on my mobile. What ached me is the way I was addressed in every message. I was in touch with all the teachers and other parents since long. Many times I introduced to them by my name. However it was a tradition over there to be identified as a Mom of the ward. Every wedding anniversary messages addressed me as a mother of my kid. No where my name was mentioned. Now what is wrong in that?

But why it should be taken as a usual? Has not everyone a right to be addressed by his or her name? Why not get bit more friendly by addressing the women as their own name instead of by their ward's name. Being known as someone's guardian or parent is of course a very good thing. But every time being called as "mother of *****" " really pained me. Even the women and teachers who knew me by my name also ignoring my name.

Hope someone understand what I am trying to say.