Just like most of you hearters I'm badly suffering from wanderlust. Everytime when I see a beautiful beach or a lovely building I'm inviting friends and yelling at them "WE MUST GO THERE NOW"
But yeah, who am I fooling? I'm a student AND broke as hell. SO, how in the world am I going to travel the world while I can't even travel to my own backyard? To be honest, I neglect my social network during the year because of work and uni.. Not the best way to deal with it.. I know. So, if you have any tips to deal with this better, please, PLEASE tell me.

OKAY, but this was not what this article truly is about. I wanted to share a couple of travel ideas I personally would love to do one day.

1.Canoe Trip

This one is for the nature lovers out there. Go on a canoe trip in Norway for example. Enjoying the beautiful sunsets on the water. The view must be magical. And in the evenings snuggling together at the campfire enjoying everyone's life stories. OH and don't forget the starry nights!

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dog, nature, and camping image
Might as well take your dog with you, making friends will be a lot easier with a dog.

2. Interrailing

Actually, I'm going to do this next summer. Buy a train ticket, get on the train and GO WHEREVER YOU WANT! That sounds almost too good to be true. It's cheap, it's amazing and you go to a lot of places in a short amount of time :) Perfect for students like us.
I'm planning on writing a journal during the trip, I think it would be great to read back all those memories.

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3. Surprise me

I don't know if this sort of travelling is available in other countries, but I just LOVE the idea too much to not share it with you guys. In the Netherlands there is this organisation called srprs me. You give some of your preferences(backpacking, city trip, for how long, stuff like that), then you pay and they arrange the rest. You don't know the destination until you're at the airport, about to get on the plane. SURPRISE!

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Miami, london, and paris image
Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Paris. WHO KNOWS?

Of course I have some other ideas, but then the article would become too long.
I hope you liked to read this article, if you want to share some ideas OR some stories, feel free to send me a message.

Enjoy your weekend!

XO Eva