Hi everybody, it's Sara.
Today I want to share with you some songs that I really like.
I decided to write an article because I want to express myself. So, let's start:

"Fight like a girl" by Zolita.

"Alaska" by Mogli.

"Mad Hatter" by Melanie Martinez.

"Ugly" by Jaira Burns.

"Housewife Spliffin' " by Ängie.

"Empty" by Olivia O'Brien.

"Pretty girl" by Maggie Lindemann.

"Pacify Her" by Melanie Martinez.

"A million on my soul" by Alexiane.

"Pop Rock" by Brooke Candy.

"Dernière danse" by Indila.

"Banana Brain" by Die Antwoord.

"City of the Dead" by Eurielle.

Thank you so much for reading. If you have liked this, I promise I will write a second part. Love you :)