She felt the beginning of something new
-Fall was back
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It feels like I've been away for a long time, and that's true ! I've been missing you guys so muuuch ! I sincerely apologize... I had some problems and my life was a real mess. I didn't feel to post anything else. I wanted to clear my mind, have a new start and I feel like it's the moment. This article will be a little long so take a hot chocolate, biscuits and let's get started !


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I feel like it's the right word because some things have changed. If you are one of my followers since the beginning, you used to know me as Thorin. I decided to chose a new name because I don't like that nickname anymore. Now, call me Flo. It's a part of my real name Florina. The only thing that hasn't change is my horrible english ^^' So excuse me for it because I usually speak french...

Fall, Oh Fall

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It's my favorite season ! I love seeing the transition of the nature and watching everything becoming orange, yellow, red. I'm really into warm colors too so there is no surprise x)
I think that it's the good time to buy a lot, and I say a lot, of candles ! And maybe, a little overdose of hot chocolate and books ^^
Don't forget Halloween ! It's the only day of the year where you can be extra. I'm already thinking of my costume.

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That's all for this article. I hope it wasn't too long ^^' and that I didn't do a lot of mistakes. Tell me in the comments, which kind of article would you like to read next time.

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And as we say in french
Bonne journée