Since I've been feeling very bad recently I wanted to write something, or actually to adress something to people out there that need to calm down a little.

Have you ever considered how the other might feel by the way you act?

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If not then start doing it now and you might help someone's life ,and yours, be a little bit better.

Stop acting like you are the best.

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Yes you are better in somethings from the other, yes you might be more beautiful than the other but trust me you are not the best at everything. In fact if you act like an arrogant person, you are most likely insecure and you are too afraid to show it. You try hard to be like the others just not to be left out.

Be kind it is free

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Would it cost much to you (or these people that do all of this) to be kind? No! It would improve the quality of their lifes. They might lose some friends since kindness is considered weak but to be honest your true friends will love you no matter what. And no honey kindness is not considered weak, it is goodness and I don't think that anyone on this world would want to feel as if they are destroying someone's life.

Have respect

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Respect is the best thing to have in this world. Not the respect that is caused by fear but the one that gets straight out of your heart and mind. It is like kindness, but a little bit more important as if you are respectful you'll be kind as well. It is a big deal to have respect for the others and for the others to respect you. I know that you like the others to respect you, so why not you yourself? Show some dignity and don't make a fool of yourself. Have respect and be respected.

Okay is not enough

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Don't be just an okay person, be nice, be genuinely good. Things will get a lot better for anyone.

Thanks for reading this

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