Hi guys! I feel like I'm apologizing in every article,but I really want to write as often as possible but I'm having a really hard and also busy time right now and I don't feel okay for writing. Hope you understand, my life is just so hard right now. Anyways,this year I'm kinda struggling with getting into the fall mood. So I hope that this article is going to help both me and you to get into the mood. Fall is my favorite season (and winter too) and I'm super excited to finally say it's officially autumn.


I feel like a walk between the orangey leaves really puts the start to my fall. I do that every fall as often as I can cause it really relaxes me and makes my worries go away.

autumn article autumn autumn autumn autumn

2.Drinks and foods

Pumpkin spiced everything! But it don't works for me cause I hate pumpkin...ops. But if you love pumpkin feel free to try as much new recipes and treats as possible. If you're like me - don't worry! We still can eat and drink themed things such as hot chocolate or a yummy cupcakes with festive sprinkles on them!

autumn autumn autumn autumn

3.Get ready for Halloween

There's nothing wrong with planning your costume and Halloween party 1 or even 2 months earlier. In my country we don't celebrate Halloween because we're Eastern Orthodox. But anyways some people still throw parties and celebrate. Just thinking of Halloween makes me super excited for fall!

autumn autumn clown autumn


Make your room fall-ish using orangey colors and Halloween themed decorations.

autumn autumn autumn autumn

5.Read a book

Books are always a good decision for me,you just need to find the right one for the season. I still haven't so please, if you have any recommendations DM me! ♡ (PS: new book review article is coming soon 🙊)

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So that's for today's article. Hope you liked it and I hope it was useful. You can follow my book,fall and articles collection, the links are always bellow! You can also follow me on Instagram, also linked bellow. Thanks for reading! ♡

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