So, this is my first article and I'm just trying. So please feel free to give me a little feedback if you like it or not.

This is all about my 10 favorite movies. It was hard to decide but i tried. The order actually has nothing to do with how much I like the films. It's just random.

Let's start with some classic ones

love and other disasters

hillary duff, life, and love and other disasters image

I just fell in love with Brittany Murphy, this perfect apartment (totally need the interior and decoration) and those totally crazy co-stars.

letters to Juliet

letters to juliet and movie image

if you love Italian landscapes you will just fell in love with this movie right at the start.

one small hitch

movie, pelicula, and shane mcrae image

This moment when you do not even know that you are engaged. ;-)

love rosie

love rosie image

Isn't it just amazing how great Lily Collins and Sam Caflin work as a couple.

now you see me (now you don't)

gif, illusionist, and jesse eisenberg image

Even if everyone says that the second part is bad i really like them both. The special effects are just breathtaking.

if I stay

gif, jamie blackley, and tumblr image

There are no words for the beauty sadness and even the wisdom of this movie. Just take out your tissues and start watching. This scene with the granddad in the hospital just changed my life. It's even more perfect than A walk to remember.

wedding date

love, quotes, and couple image

Just because of this absolutely adorable family. Mine is just normal against these people.

beautiful creatures

Bukowski, gif, and ethan wate image

I heard that the books should be terrible but his movie is just so adorable.

nick & norah's infinite playlist

music and nick y norah image

The atmosphere in this movie is just amazing. It's so chilling and calm. And the music is brilliant.

And because some of you may like some newer movies. I just found


Action, words, and comics image

I think this great and funny agent movie will become an all time classic for me. I recently watched the second part and it also was very lovely.


fallen, movie, and gif image

I actually didn't watched the movie already but I read the book and it was just so great from the beginning. So this movie has to be amazing too.

If you count you will see that I actually featured 11 films. But it was so hard to decide and I thought it would just be ok since I didn't watched the Fallen movie already.

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