Hello fellow hearters,

Today I decided to get my head together and start organizing myself. I am a person who usually forgets things because of the busy schedule. Putting reminders on my phone doesn't help. And in the end I have a huge pile of work I haven't done. What was the reason for this? I have a cluttered up brain. So I have found a full proof plan which I will be committing myself into.

The first thing you should do is buy a notebook or make one. Writing your chores in a notebook on a daily basis really helps.I got mine from Daiso.

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For this, any board will do. If you can get a small bulletin board, that's well and good,or you can also get a small white board. You can write all your chores on a piece of paper and put it on the bulletin board with colourful thumbtacks. Or you can write your chores with colourful markers on a white board. Adding on colour catches your attention.

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Last but not the least is commitment. If you aren't ready to write down your daily chores everyday, then it'll be hard to organize yourself. Commit yourself and do this for a month and you'll see the big difference.

NOTE: To make your to-do list fun, you can randomly doodle or write your favorite songs.

Hope this article helps you :)