My happy colour.
My favourite colour.

why? Because, before I hated the colour yellow. I thought that it was the ugliest colour to ever exist. My favourite shade was black because for some reason I was sure that it was the best colour there could possibly be. I was also sad then, Depressed to be exact.

But now? Now I love yellow. I love sunflowers, I love t-shirts that are yellow, I love bikini's that are yellow, I love anything fucking yellow because yellow represents happiness and I am so fucking happy now. I'm no longer the sad, doesn't-want-to-do-anything girl. No, I go out more, I think way more positively and I'm just so much better, mentally and physically.

I compliment myself more, instead of picking out things I don't like about myself, I do things I wouldn't do and if I don't like it, I won't do it again, but if I do like it, I do it as much as possible. New experiences help me find new things to love, and it'd help you too. So get out there, do something other than sit around on your laptop all day.

Go clean something, put some music on and clean, It's great.

Go paint balling, I am going to do this soon with friends.

Go shopping, treat yo self girl.

Do whatever the fuck makes YOU happy, because in the end, thats all that matters.

Until next time, bye babes. Have an amazing day! xoxo