I am a person who enjoys solitary, and there are places where I love to be alone at that I just can't explain why.

  • bookstore

Not the really big ones but the older and small ones. There is one near my neighborhood, owned by an old lady. The shop is full of new and old books divided into small sections, some a little torn while some brand new. Being surrounded by books and having absolute silence aside from the continuous scribbling sounds created by the old lady, it is definitely one of my most favorite places.

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  • streets

Whether it's around the neighborhood where there are lesser people and more quiet, or in the center of a city with blazing lights and people walking. I like to take walks alone, accompanied by music. It allows me to think, and it makes me feel nice.

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  • train

The train station, or in the cart. I can't really explain this one, I just really like the moving train. People rushing past, minding their own business; The wind blowing against my hair and the changing scenery outside the window.

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  • classroom

During lunch or recess, when all the students leave the classroom and it's only me and a couple classmates I rarely talk to in the room. It is quiet and calming, sometimes there will be yelling and screaming coming from students playing outside.

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there are almost no pictures of classrooms, why.
  • my room

I share a room with my sister after moving away, and I am very happy every time she leaves the room and it's just me. I don't like to be alone in a house, but just my room? Yes, please.

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  • shopping centers

air-conditioned, many different things to look at or to shop, really really big. I like to run around big places and see if I can find something interesting.

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Well, that's about it for this article! Thank you for reading :)