Hey guys!

So i thought since it was halloween time id show you my favorite movies to watch!

animation image
I'm in love with this movie! The art style is amazing and it really gets you in the spooky mood. It's not a traditional halloween movie but it definitely gets me in the creepy spirit!
Nightmare Before Christmas
gif, Halloween, and jack image
I definitely couldn't make the list without this movie! It's fun, has CATCHY songs, and has great characters.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
charlie brown, peanuts, and its the great pumkin image
Any Peanuts movie that involve a holiday I love! Especially this one! Its great to watch watch with family and friends and really gets you ready for halloween.
Abusive image
This movie is so funny and creepy with amazing characters and concepts. What's not to like about this movie honestly!
Monster House
gif, Halloween, and monster house image
This movie is such a classic for me! Its eerie and very creepy but is very fun at the same time. All the characters are realistic and lovable at time. All in all it's a great movie!

So those were my top 4 movies! Thanks for reading and let me know what are you favourite halloween movies!