It's that time of year when you just want to throw on an over sized sweater and cuddle up in cozy blankets. I've had a ton of music on repeat this last month, and I decided to share some of my favorites with y'all, because don't we all like to enjoy some tunes while we do fall-y things?

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Okay, brace yourselves for an ultimate fangirl moment...
#KARAMEL introduced me to literally the best band ever!!!! If you guys don't know Kara & Mon-El (AKA the best ship ever (Supergirl)), then you are obviously missing out on something extremely important. But besides that, two of my recent favorite songs are by Sleeping At Last, and one of the songs were featured in an episode, so that's where I found them :P

1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Sleeping At Last) - This song is indeed a cover of The Police's song, but I prefer this a whole lot more, because it really captures the slow romance the lyrics suggest.

2. Earth (Sleeping At Last) - I don't exactly know why this song is so appealing to me, but it is. It's a sad, but extremely beautiful song. I see it as a song about an everlasting that never fades. The lyrics are metaphorical, which makes it 10x more special.

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3. Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith) - This sorrowful, slow song explains what it's like to be left many times. Although I've never been in a relationship to experience a break up, I feel like it truly speaks more than most music these days do.

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4. Moon And Back (Alice Kristiansen) - This amazingly written, heartfelt song has been stuck in my head for the longest time!! It understands what it feels like to still love someone after what has happened, and regardless of the past, two lovers still find each other in the darkness

midnight black

5. 1-800-273-8255 (Logic / Alessia Cara / Khalid) - Y’all don’t even want me to get started in this song. Many of the listed songs above were very romantic and lovey, but this song takes music to the next level. The title itself, is very strong, as it’s the suicide hotline. And aside from that, the lyrics have a whole new meaning. Logic, Khalid, and Alessia Cara all have such a soulful voice and this song just changes the whole definition of mainstream music. It speaks out on such an important topic, and has saved countless number of lives.

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6. Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur) - This is a song that has been out for a bit, but has never really caught my attention now. A love that lasts forever is something most of us want, and I think James Arthur sings what it feels like to love someone forever beautifully.

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7. Impossible (Shontelle) - Not going to lie, I am not sure why this song is so addicting to me, but I have listened to this song to the point where I know all the lyrics (the same with all the other songs too, lol). Lots of singer have actually covered this song, and I’m pretty sure James Arthur introduced me to this song ;) But all in all, this song just reminds me that anything is possible, and you should never lose faith in things you care most for.

That’s all the songs I have today! Tell me if I should do a part time, because I have like 50 playlists on Spotify haha. Also tell me what other articles I should write!

xo, Rose