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I came up with a bucket list of 13 fun fall themed things you have to do this season! This covers the basics, and some more random ideas, never have a boring moment!

1. Go pumpkin picking.

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It's fall. Get yourself some pumpkins.

2. Paint your pumpkins.

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Or carve them. Personally not talented in that area.

3. Explore a haunted house.

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One set up and run by people, not a random house - be safe! haha.

4. Make it out of a corn maze.

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It's extra fun if you go with a group of friends and split up into groups of 2 or 3 and race! - maybe the losing group buys pumpkin spice lattes for everyone hah!

5. Go on a hay ride.

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Usually pretty inexpensive and also a great opportunity for photo shoots!

6. Bake a pumpkin pie!

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Or any flavor you like, again if you do it with friends, you can split up into teams and see which team bakes the best pie! Friendly competition never hurt right?!

7. Find the nicest fallen leaf and frame it!

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I have one from 3 years ago and it still looks super pretty!

8. Watch Halloweentown!

Halloween and halloween town image
Not actually a personal favorite, but cmon, it's a classic! And apparently if you are a die hard, you can add visiting here to your list!

9. Paint your own mug.

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For the pumpkin spice lattes, obviously.

10. Try out an escape room!!

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Guys I'm actually addicted to doing these, they're so much fun- I've only made it out of one successfully HAHA.

11. Have a festive photo shoot!

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During this season are SO many opportunities for photoshoots. I might make a separate article on how to get the perfect photos w/props, locations, ideas etc. heart this if you'd want me too!!

12. Redecorate your room!

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Redecorating durning season changes, not only get you excited for that season, but gets you re-inspired in your space!

13. A MUST DO: Throw a fall themed girls night in!

autumn, fall, and leaves image girl, friends, and fun image drink, milkshake, and candy corn image room, bedroom, and light image
context_page=3&context_query=sleepover+party&context_sort=most_popular&context_type=search There are TONS of fun things to plan for a girls night in, I'm doing an entire series on my youtube channel, and my next article is going to be ideas for your GNI- be sure to follow me to see it!

Thanks for reading- hopefully this gave you some inspiration for fall!

Check out my fall collection for more inspiration..

Talk to you in my next post :)
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