since it's already october, i thought i'd share some of my favorite spooky movies with some of you!

it, finn wolfhard, and sophia lillis image pennywise, art, and clown image clown, lockscreen, and pennywise image funny, gif, and it image
1. it (2017)
creepy, demon, and horror image insidious, scary, and gif image horror, movie, and scary image creepy, movie, and red image
2. insidious (especially chapter 1&2)
cave, movie, and scary image
3. the taking of deborah
Mature image
4. friday the 13th
girls, 80's, and dress image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
5. the shinning
doll, black and white, and horror image creepy, dark, and gif image
6. dead silence
oculus image
7. oculus
film, horror, and screencap image
8. hush
the purge image the purge and the purge election year image blood, gore, and purge image purge image
9. the purge (all of them)