Wherever I go, I see advertisements featuring happy couples, movies that are all about love and sex, songs that are inspired by the heartbreak. Book titles that look something like the following:
"How to be in love", "How to maintain love", "How to get over broken love" , and "How to find love again" .
I can't escape it. Everyone seems to be in love with someone.

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Media feeds us with thoughts that relationship is the ultimate thing that leads us to happiness. Nothing is more important than to love and be loved.
The pressure, then, to fall in love and be in a relationship, is huge. I have felt this too.

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But what if not everything in life revolved around meeting another person to be with? It's great to have someone adore you, I can honestly see the perks of it. The problem, however, comes when just being in love or just being in a relationship is sold as the only road to happiness.

I think it's more important to create yourself and be the person you will eventually fall in love with, yourself. You need to love yourself first.
Do stuff you love, get inspired, make journals, write important insights down, create your own set of values and principles, define your taste in music/books, spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself.

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The person you see every day in a mirror, is gonna be with you till the very end. Why not be your own best friend and partner?