One week into the month and you still don't know what to be? The horror! But don't freak. Yet! I am here to save you, or at least try.

Halloween is suppose to be spooky but most importantly fun. Whether you're going trick or treating, hitting up that Halloween party or you just want cool spooky instagram pictures. You need a costume. But sometimes we just don't have the money for those $100 costumes. So I bring to you affordable easy costumes that you can create all by yourself.

The Sugar Skull

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This is one of my personal faves. All you need is face paint (you can get small 99 cent ones at walmart) regular makeup and flowers. You can be as creative as you want.You get to create a design or recreate one. The best part is you can wear whatever you want and be you but a dead version of you.


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To be Coraline all you need is a yellow coat, blue hair,buttons and yellow boots.

The coat can be anything it can even be a top or a dress just make sure it's yellow. For the hair; color hairspray is cheap around halloween, you can spray paint your hair. If you don't like the idea get a blonde wig from a thrift store and spray paint that or if you can just buy a blue wig. The boots; paint old rain boots yellow if they're not already. Buttons, any black or blue buttons if you want to be that version of coraline.

Jack O Lantern

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Very simple but it's more for pumpkin lovers. All you need is a pumpkin that will actually fit your head. Carve it up how you want but clean it up real good. You can wear what you want or you can wear full on orange or black.


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All you really need is green hair, a purple outfit and some face paint. If you want to be more formal use a button shirt or suit jacket. Add a tie or a bow tie and suspenders and bam put a smile on that face.

Possesed Doll

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Hair; pigtails, braids anything you want but the messier the better. You can add some bows for fun. Make up; any kind of dark look but don't forget to add long lashes, stitches and freckles. Now the mouth; it's important that you get it small and just like a dolls. It defines the look, without it you're just a possessed little girl. Which also works if it's what you want.

American Horror Story Witch

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Bad ass black outfit. Black boots and black hat are what define the look though. Messy hair and very pale but dark make up.

Stranger Things Characters

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You can be anyone most characters are just regular people. You'd just need the outfits and they're pretty self explanatory.

Corpse Bride

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Blue hair, white dress, makeup, flowercrown. For the blue hair same process as Coraline's. For the face; blue paint, pink lipstick, draw the lashes. Now the dress; you can find old wedding dresses at good will or any thrift store for $20 or less. Any white dress actually works just make sure you get the hair and the make up.

Red Riding Hood

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The red cape is what really matters. Everyone changes the color of the dress. It can be white black or even red. Don't forget the dress shoes and tights. Make up; make sure it's pale and use bright red lipstick. For fun you can get a basket and use that for trick or treating if that's the occasion.

Jack and Sally

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Jack. I have actually been jack for 3 years straight. He's my favorite fictional character and is super easy. You need a black suit or just a black and white vintage outfit. Makeup; black and white paint. Sally; blue paint, red hair. Any old dress works what defines sally is the mouth and the stitches.


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The simplest of costumes but it's a classic and there's nothing wrong with simplicity. I'm actually considering being one this year. White sheet, scissors and a marker is all you need.

Wednesday Adams

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Black dress and white collar. Dark make up the black lipstick and the braids it's what define her. Any black shoes should work.

The Adams Family

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Get your whole family or friends to dress up ass the Adams.

Chucky and Tiffany

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Tiffany; dark make up, white dress, black boots, chocker and blonde hair. Chucky; overalls,stripped red long sleeve sweater, tennis shoes, ginger hair and the stitches of course.


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with paint you can turn yourself into anything from an M&M to a skittle to a crayon.


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With an omesie you can be anything you want to be. It will keep you cozy and comfortable all night. You can get them anywhere or order online for more options.

Those are all the suggestions I have for now. As I get more ideas i'll update the article. I made lit halloween and fall playlists that i'll link at the end so you can check those out. Happy Halloween.

- Dulce (@aestheticaliens - now @nonsensica)

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