There are many different types of musicians out there today. Most people listen to the main stream and popular artists, but there are so many underrated artists out there available for listening. Here are just a few artists I think are amazing that not very many people know about.

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1. The Hush Sound The Hush Sound is such an amazing band that I just discovered this past summer. They are no longer together, but they produced an amazing sound! They are very similar to Panic! At The Disco. They are an alternative, pop punk genre band. My favorite song by them is Sweet Tangerine. It's very easy to relate to and is just a great song all around. I would totally recommend you give this song and band a listen!
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2. Set It Off Honestly, where do I begin with how amazing this band is? They are currently making music and their most recent album was released on October 7, 2016. It's called Upside Down. They have sort of a pop and alternative type of sound. My favorite song by them is Crutch. It is from their newest record that I mentioned earlier, Upside Down. It has a very deep meaning and I feel like it connects with the listener. Please, I beg you, go give this band a try!
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3. Vancouver Sleep Clinic Oh, this band! I would have to say that not many people have really heard of this band. They only have a little over 710,000 listeners on Spotify. They have that dreamy pop type of sound, just like The 1975. They are currently making music and their latest album was released in 2017. It's called Revival. My favorite song by them is called Lung which is from their most recent record. It gives me a bit of a sad vibe. To me, it's kind of a go to song for when I'm feeling down. Go give VSC a try!
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4. Anarbor This band is so underrated. I think they deserve more attention. They are currently making music, and their most recent record was released in 2016, it's called Anarbor. They have that kinda emo, pop punk, alternative sound, somewhat similar to Fall Out Boy. My favorite song by them is called I Have You So Much. It's from their album Burnout, which was released in 2013. It's about the singer imagining that he killed his girlfriend because she was a bitch to him. It's pretty dark, but it's a great song, and I can somewhat relate to it. Check them out!
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5. Icon For Hire This is a really great band, hands down! They totally deserve more fame! They are currently making music because their most recent record, You Can't Kill Us, was released in 2016. They only have 3 full length albums out, but they are super high quality and worth listening to! My favorite song by them is Get Well, which is off the album Scripted, which is their 2011 release. They also have the emo, pop punk, alternative sound. You should go give them a listen, I promise you won't regret it!

Well, these are just 5 underrated bands you should check out! Part 2 soon to come!