hi! today i'm going to help you get the hang of the anatomy of faces!

first things first this method is essentially drawing a curved piece of paper, turning it into a face, thinking of it like a mask. a good step by step and explanation video:
this video helped me improve my faces a lot, I can also draw them a lot faster.

anatomy tips
ok you don't need to follow these when you have stylized art but it's very important to achieve realistic un-stylized faces to have the required building blocks to create a face drawing.

  • noses are in right about the middle of the face
  • the eyes are around where the top of the nose ends, not after it ends or where it ends, just right underneath
  • cheek bones go from near the ear down to near the mouth
  • the mouth is right in between the end of the nose and the chin, its a bit closer to the nose than the chin

some more helpful videos:

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cure to same face syndrome/expression ( there's a lot of swearing in this one!!)

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