Why fantasize love when you can create your own fantasy out of it?
Often, when asked what is love to you, the response of many people is nothing more than an exaggerated concept of a boy-girl thing. Well, have you ever actually thought what love is ? Is it just a feeling between two people? Or is it just an irrational concept? In my opinion love is everything that calms your soul. Love is when you start to weep in front of your mother because your soul is tired of keeping everything to itself and for once you want to vent it all out to someone who could safeguard it. Love is the air you breathe in when you are at the mountain top getting fascinated by the beauty of nature. Love is when you look at the sky with closed eyes and the rain droplets fall onto your face giving your wandering soul a shelter inside your body. Love is when a person like me who loves to eat ice gets a tray full of ice. Love is when someone smiles at you and you smile back at them to let them know that they are the reason behind someone's smile too. Love is when your aching soul finds someone who could calm this tornado of confusion in your head. Love is the thought of going back home and seeing your family.Love is when you and your sister sing old songs together. Love is when you wait for your best friend's call. Love is when you are about to give up but your father's face appear in front of your eyes. Love is when you have a lot of assignments to do but your friend does half of them for you. Love is when you eat your favorite ice cream.Love is when you secretly stalk your crush. Love is that late night shower you take to fathom your thoughts. Love is this little fantasy inside my head.