This article contains 10 different "lifestyles" that contain four pictures and a description. Please tell me which one you identify as! It can either be the one you aspire to be, most likely am, or dream of being. I have LOADS more to come, and the pictures are from my collection "different ways of living"
Lets get into it.

fashion bedroom beautiful alcohol
the beachbabe

- always wearing light clothes
- hair is always messy, yet pretty
-light, open house
-plants plants plants plants
-loves plants more than animals
-never cleans but its kinda aestethic
- owns a back yard

cake beauty chair Superthumb
the minimalist

-hates candy but loves chocolate
-cant live without coffee
-really good at natural makeup
-room looks like its from the early 19-hundreds
-not ashamed to sit alone at cafes
-actually reads the newspaper

the quiet one

aesthetic boy Superthumb autumn

-parties hard but doesn't drink a lot
-has had the same boyfriend for years
-takes care of flowers like babies
-loves cars, trains and airplanes
-rainy days
-actually likes reading but never has time

the pastel heart

flowers Superthumb Superthumb aesthetic

-has an old car that is super cool
-buys bouquets of flowers but never takes care of them
-goes on picnics but doesn't really like nature that much
-loves the ocean but lives far away from it
-rose wine

the nice, rich, chic one

chanel Superthumb Superthumb food

- has a BIG apartment
- poor friends
- often pays for friends food
- glam makeup
- buys expensive things and regrets it immediately
- has rich friends, but doesn't like them

the optimist

fashion autumn burger clothes

- always stops to smell flowers
- loves autumn
- goes to fancy places and orders junk food
- dresses basic but yet really nice
- loves when sunlight shines trough the windows
- kinda has mental issues but still positive

the poet

aesthetic flowers autumn flowers

- really romantic boyfriend
- goes on picnics
- walks in the park alone
- only likes wild flowers
- has way to many candles
- secretly shops at lush, but doesn't want to be basic
- has at least one secret, magical place

the one who has never left the city

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic

- likes to sit up and watch the city
-loves to dream while listening to music on the sub
- adventurous boyfriend
- likes fog but thinks its a little creepy
- watches horror movies for fun, but gets scared afterwards

the social traveller

beach building aesthetic food

- makes new friends all the time
- travels to random places
- never actually gets drunk
- loves sunsets
- is artsy but doesn't show it

the child

Superthumb california hands aesthetic

- hates drinking, but does with friends
- secretly loves amusement parks
- questions everything
- really deep conversations
- loves to go to abandoned places