#thatswhatshesaid 20-day Challenge
What is it?

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Quite simply, all you have to do is pick 20 of your favorite female figures in history, fictional or not, give a little bit of background information and type up your favorite sayings from them! The purpose of this challenge is to empower and inspire women and girls to feel motivated to be whomever they want to be. For example, at my school, I founded our school newspaper, The Edge. I once was doing an article called, “Breaking Stereotypes” and I asked a girl what stereotype she had been affected by the most. She said she felt “a little scared” to go into science because many well-known scientists are male, such as Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. Although both of these scientists have contributed a lot to what we know today, women in science just don’t get enough credit. How many of you have heard about Marie Curie or Lise Meitner? They both are wonderful female scientists that evolved the way we look at science. Yet, we don’t speak of them often.
That’s why I’ve created the #thatswhatshesaid challenge. Whether it’s 500 people, 2 people, or only me, I will complete this challenge.
Even if only one person is moved by my articles or this challenge, then I have accomplished my purpose. C’mon ladies, let’s empower one another!
And it’s all love from my end <3

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Here are the wonderful ladies I chose:

Day 1: Sayings by Medusa
Day 2: Sayings by Cleopatra
Day 3: Sayings by Rosa Parks
Day 4: Sayings by Marilyn Monroe
Day 5: Sayings by Princess Diana
Day 6: Sayings by Michelle Obama
Day 7: Sayings by Rihanna
Day 8: Sayings by Marie Curie
Day 9: Sayings by Mother Teresa
Day 10: Sayings by Hazrat Khadija (ra), wife of The Holy Prophet (saw)
Day 11: Sayings by Anne Frank
Day 12: Sayings by Oprah Winfrey
Day 13: Sayings by Winnie Harlow
Day 14:Sayings by J.K Rowling
Day 15: Sayings by Audrey Hepburn
Day 16: Sayings by Coco Chanel
Day 17: Sayings by Harriet Tubman
Day 18: Sayings by Emma Stone
Day 19: Sayings by Selene Quintanilla
Day 20: Sayings by Beyoncé

Heart this article if you’re in for this challenge! #thatswhatshesaid
With love, dreams, and positive vibes your way,

-Leyla :)