how to have one of those rooms that is just filled with plants.

c o l o u r s
first of all you have to make sure you have colours in your room that will compliment the plants, so maybe not super bright lots of colours, go for natural and neutrals, and keep it simple. a white duvet or a botanical one would go nice with lots of plants.

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t h i n g s t o t h i n k a b o u t
make sure you only get plants you are able to care for easily and that you can afford! if you can't seem to keep your plants alive go to a local garden center for help. you can buy larger plants from thrift stores for very cheap sometimes so keep an eye out for those! if you have pets that may eat or chew your plants make sure that all plants they have access to are not toxic for them!!

c h o o s i n g p l a n t s a n d p l a c i n g t h e m
mostly base your plant buying on the amount of sunlight your room gets, my room gets a little bit of sunlight early in the morning but that's it so I stick to plants that won't need much sunlight.choose plants that will last a long time, easy to care for, and preferably cheap. when buying plants think about were you want them to go, you can get some shelves and put plants and books on them and if you have a windowsill that's a perfect place for plants. if you have space get a larger plant that can be on the floor. have some hanging plants near the window, one at your bed side. basically have at least one plant on every surface. there are plant stands and stuff you can get too! (people also make them out of wood ladders based off those ladder shelves!)