These are the most beautiful cities i have visited (so far) in Europe.

  • Amsterdam
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I love this city because I live in Holland! I know that's not a good argument... but it's a realy cozy town. People are friendly, there are a lot of beautiful typical Dutch houses. And just to be clear not everybody is high all day or is a stripper.

  • Grindelwald
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Actually this is not a city but a village. The village is located in Switzerland. I lived here the first 10 years of my life. If you like sports and adventures activities is Grindelwald the place to be! In the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding, The ski area is very big. In the summer you can go hiking or moutainbiking.

  • Venice
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I think everybody has a song that gives you goosebumps because you think is't absolutely beautyful. Exacly that feeling I got of this city. It's so romantical, whith all the water and little bridges. I want do visit Venice again with carnival. They celabrate it big and everybody whears beautiful masks and costumes.

  • Rovinj
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Rovinj is a city in Croatia. Rovinj is built on a hill that makes the city so cute and spacial. Everywhere are small alleys with boutiques. On the top of the hill is a beautiful church.

  • Milan
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If you are into fashion, you neet to go to Milan. I visit Milan almost every year, main reason; to go shopping! And I'm also totally in love with the enormous church.

  • Salzburg
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If you visit Salzburg, it's like you travel back in time. In Salzburgis it mandatory, as a shop, to have old signboards. In the middle of the city can you find a beautiful garden and on top of the hill is a big castle.

I hope you liked to read my atrical, And maybe you can plan your next citytrp now!