day 7) what tattoos you have and their meanings (if any)

This may have been the article I was most looking forward to writing about. I currently have one tattoo. I got it as a high school graduation present to myself kind of lol. My parents only let me get it because I had thought about this particular tattoo for over a year and had draw/ designed it myself.

flowers, sketch, and fresh image
(this is my tattoo on the drive home from my first session, we got the whole outline done today)
Image by Savannah
(this is my tattoo the day after my shading session, so still in the healing process. Its a lot darker in this picture than it is now, fully healed.)

In total the tattoo probably took 5 hours and like my tattoo artist said "They (tattoos) are very addicting" and I am already planning for more. But before I share with you my future tat plans I'd like to share what this tattoo means to me. It is probably the most personal and meaningful tattoo I will every get. I got this tattoo for my closest family members, my mom, dad, and little sister. each different flowers is one of their favorites. Daffodils for my mom, Lupine and Indian Paintbrushes for my dad, Roses for my sister and the Lotus in the bottom middle for me. And the mountains at the top because I have grown up literally surrounded by mountains and no matter where I end up in life they will always be my home. So each individual flower represents my loved ones but together they are a garden that represents a lot more. Lotus's grow their roots in mud at the bottom of streams and ponds but still grows to be one of the most beautiful flowers despite its origins. This always reminds me that as humans we can overcome all the obstacles on our own journeys through life. Each flower represents beauty, strength, femininity and reminds me most importantly of these two things: (1) just like a garden, your body needs nuturing and patience to grow so always take care of yourself. and (2) just like flowers, not everything lasts forever but while it is in your life it is beautiful so learn to cherish and appreciate it.

there are sooooo many more tattoos I want and not all of them will have that much importance behind them because I believe that not all tattoos need a background story and are a beautiful way of expressing yourself. I'm going to put a few of my favorites in here that I really want to get (not sure on placements yet) and also put a link to my tattoo collections. So if you really wanna get to know me check them out!!

tattoo, dragon, and back image
tattoo, black, and snake image
(the snake not the writing)

both of these are because I have always loved dragons and snakes idk why they just fascinate me