So I've seen a lot of these 100 Questions About Me articles so I thought I'd do my own take, enjoy learning about me! :D

1. Height, weight, age and show size?
- 5'8'', 9st5lb, 16 years and size 6

2. Virgin?
- Nope

3. Ever smoked?
- Never

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4. Crush?
- My boyfriend :)

5. Middle name?
- I have two; Louise Amanda

6. Do you have or want tattoos?
- I don't have any but I do like looking at them. I know what I'd have as a tattoo but I'd probably never go through with having it

7. Ever drank?
- Nope and probably never will

8. Best friend?
- Clara Soffe <3 Best friends for just over a year but practically sisters

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9. Pet peeve?
- When teachers tell me to "stop stressing" when I'm only asking them a genuine question to get details and I am absolutely not stressing at all (it happens far too often)

10. Thing I hate about myself
- I'm rarely satisfied and always comparing myself to others; relationships, grades, looks, personality - you name it!

11. Thing I love about myself
- I love my strength to get over life's hurdles

12. Relationship status?
- In a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 months and counting

13. Insecurities?
- My looks, how I act really awkward when I talk to people I don't particularly know and not being very 'social' in social situations

Nosey people continue, boring people leave

14. Favourite song?
- Don't Give Me Those Eyes - James Blunt

15. Music Styles?
- Musical theatre and any song with meaning behind the music and the lyrics

16 - Person I hate
- Myself probably, I'm my own worst enemy

17 - Ever been hospitalised?
- Earlier in the summer, I stayed in hospital for 4 days because my leg decided to stop functioning and 3 months later we still don't know what is wrong with me

You're doing briliantly, nearly there!

18 - Ever been suspended or expelled?
- Nope, I'm a saint in school

19 - Opinion on same sex marriage?

20 - Opinion on haters?
- H8ers gonna h8

21 - Opinion on animal abuse?
- If anyone lays a finger on an animal imma lay a punch on them

You are one nosey person my friend

22 - Favourite childhood memory?
- Speeding down the coast road with my guy friend at 2am belting out my favourite songs

23 - Favourite place?
- Porthmaddog, Wales

24 - Parents' names?
- Fiona and Colin

26 - Nickname?
- Em or Evans

27 - Favourite quote?
- "Everyone smiles in the same language"

If you made it this far then you are a true stalker, thank you <3