From The DNA Album

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  • DNA

The song that made me a mixer. I was twelve when I watched the video and I was seriosly shook. I wanted to get a boyfriend so I could kidnap him and write a song about it.

  • Turn Your Face

One of the many underated Little Mix songs. I just cannot understand how they haven't received the recognition they deserve by now with this track of well written and performed songs behind them.

  • Going Nowhere

Another of their songs that makes me daydreaming of being a badass ex girlfriend. If I ever end having a boyfriend and we break up I will make him a tape with some of this girl group songs.

  • How Ya Doin'?

This single, featuring the one and only Missy Elliot, is still my jam. I usually never pick up because I never hear it and most times my friends get angry at me. I have send them this song on more than one occasions.

  • Case Closed

I don't know why I love songs that contain a storyline I have never experienced. I just can't stop listening to breakup songs.

From The Saltue Album

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  • Little Me

This is the most underated single they have ever had. This song particularly helped me deal with a lot in my life- from bullying to self doubt. I just love Little Mix for writing such powerful lyrics.

  • Competition

I remember humming this song while playing basketball in my first year in high school. I ended up pushing one of my classmates and falling over him. This was maybe one the of the many most embarassing moments in my life.

  • Boy

I have only two words to say: Boy Bye!

  • Good Enough

This song thought me that can never be good enough for somebody who can't appreciate and doesn't deserve you. If you're with the right people you don't need to prove anything.

  • They Just Don't Know You

In my wildest dreams I've always pictured myself running away with somebody who my parents, friends, etc, don't aprove. And it's all because of this song.

From Get Weird

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  • Secret Love Songs

This song is pure beauty. I love every single lyrics of it.

  • Love Me Like You

I want this song played at my prom when I turn up alone or with one of my little cousins.

  • Lightning

I like to believe that this song is a sequel to DNA. Because you can't leave a "to be continued" headline at the end of your video and not actually continue it. Also this song is pretty dope. Too bad it didn't become a single...

  • Hair

Damn... Little Mix have a lot of post break up songs. But who cares. Enjoy!

From Glory Days

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  • Shout Out To My Ex

I won't dedicate this song to my ex boyfriend because just like I mentioned I don't have one. I'm dedicating it to all my fake ass ex best friends.

  • No More Sad Songs

This is my club song. If the clubs at my town played this kind of music.

  • Power

I didn't think I need a song to make me feel strong until I heard this one.