i've told you that i love this book also the film. did you read it? i promise don't spoiler you all but is better if you know what i'm talking about.

well, first of all the book is set in the world war II. i love everything about these wars but not the bad things, i just like the history, you know.

is about a girl who was adopted by a poor family. the most magnificent thing is the way they love her and try to make everything ok.

gif and the book thief image

she has a friend named rudy. he's the cutest guy ever.

the most amazing of the book is that is narrated by the death! yeah isn't incredible? i've never read a book like this, so that's why i'm so excited lol

and finally, is the most sad but beautiful story ever. you will cry i swear but have fun reading it.

love, flavia