Why do I have to lose you again every fucking time I've almost got you back in my life? We've lost so many chances to be together just because we are both so stubborn and insecure. Why can't we believe that we aren't the people we used to be and everything will be different this time? When will we realize how much we need each other to survive in this fucking world? When will I stop denying how much I want you? When will you start sharing your dreams and fears with me again? Can't we just forget every bad word and every ache and start from scratch like we're just getting to know each other? Is it that hard to be real, to share how we feel, to be honest with one another? Are we brave enough to face the truth or will we always live a lie? Is that we are afraid to feel something again that stops us from being who we are? Everything will get better when we realize we depend on each other. Cause when we're side by side, the fear will be gone and things will be allright.