dear best friend,

i could write pages about you, i could write pages to you. but, the problem with that is the time it would take for you to read. and even though i know you would read every sentence, every word, i will spare you, because i actually do believe you have other things to do. and, i could write this in norwegian, we both know i could, but i won't. because i want everyone to know, because everyone should know what a wonderful person you are.

and now you might ask yourself; "what is the point in this? why is she doing this?" and there is one simple reason; because i want you to read everything i want to tell you in another format than short snaps.

so, dear best friend, this is to you.

we both know i constantly try to tell you that you are enough, that you deserve everything good, and that everything will be okay, but i don't think you believe me, at least not most of the time. but, i want you to know, that the reason for why i keep repeating this, is because of how true it is.

you are the most wonderful human being alive, and i truly mean it when i say that. never before have i met a person with a personality such as yours, and i will always appreciate the fact that you are a part of my life, but you already know that. you are the one person, i will always come to for comfort, and you are the one person i tell everything to, and i hope you've come to realize that, too.

however though, no matter how much i love you, there is something more important. that you learn to love yourself, and that you learn to take care of yourself. because you are the kind of person to set everyone else first, and no matter how good of a personality trait that is, placing yourself first is at some points more important. i want you to remember that.

dear best friend, in my eyes, in everyone else's eyes, you will always be enough. are you enough in your own eyes? i hope so, i really do. because you should be.

i am lucky enough to have the greatest friend of all as my best friend, and for that i will be forever grateful. you deserve everything good, and i truly do hope you know that, too. i hope that one day, i will be able to give you that one hug i've promised you so many times. i hope that one day, i will be able to send you those birthday and christmas gifts you deserve so very much.

i hope you live a happy life, and i hope to keep you as a part of mine for as long as i live, because the truth is, i don't know what i would do without you. i truly don't.

so, dear best friend, remember that to me, you will always be enough, and remember that you can always come to me. i love you.