She dives into love. She doesn't expect love back. Sure, she wants it. Who wouldn't right? But she doesn't think anyone will be crazy enough to love her. Every time she goes out, as she walks down the street, she sees couples. Unknowingly she stares. She stares at the way he touches her face, she stares at her hands on his waist. "When am I gonna be that girl?" She asks herself. The answer is a mystery. Is the universe listening to her begging? She's getting tired of her silent whimpers always being ignored. Getting tired of the way loneliness crawls into her bed every night after she feels the empty side of the bed. But still, she dives into love. She loves unconditionally, fully and infinitely. She welcomes everyone with open arms and hopes they stick around. But they never do. They don't realize her love is the purest love they will ever receive. After they leave, she'll keep on loving them. And she will always love them. With the same pure love. She keeps no hard feelings. The problem with keeping on loving people forever, even after they've left, is that you might run out of love. But not her. She has unlimited love. She gives and gives and gives some more and still has some left. So, yeah it's a vicious circle of giving out love, hoping they'll stay, seeing them leave and never getting any love back. She's so exhausted of loving. She doesn't think she can keep doing that to herself, so when he told her he loved her, she asked:"So what's the point in loving you, if you're just gonna leave". "That's the thing", he said "I'm not leaving"