Some scientific and some not so scientific facts and benefits of coffee!

#1. Protects your body, coffee contains many antioxidants
#2. Reduces the risks of Dementia & Alzheimer's disease
#3. Caffeine boosts moods & increases your energy, coffee is consumed and absorbed into your body's bloodstream and stimulates better memory & alertness

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#4. Helps fight depression and prevents suicide
#5. Makes your favorite book more enjoyable, you can not fight me on this
#6. Increases the rate of adrenalin secretion , which speeds up the breathing and heart rate to help with physical performance
#.7 Encourages you to get out of bed every Monday morning

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#8. Boosts your metabolism, and may help reduce body fat
#9. Improves Alertness
#10. Research states that the smell of coffee alone can assist in reducing stress levels

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#11. Coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
#12. Increases your intelligence, coffee can increase your attention span and improve your logical functioning
#13. Reduces the chances of getting certain cancers i.e. skin cancer
#14. Decreases pain intensity
#15. Overall acts as the most stable source of happiness worldwide

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Wake up and smell the coffee!